Office manager

The role includes:

  • Answer phone calls
  • Manage Office schedule
  • Set up meetings
  • Produce documents (invoices / receipts / presentations / etc.)
  • Collection from customers
  • Charge credit cards and deposits checks
  • Handle mail
  • Payments to suppliers


  • Part-time, work from our office in Herzliya
  • Previous relevant experience – a must!
  • Good computer skills, work in completely computerized environment , Office applications, Internet and email
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • High interpersonal communication capability
  • Organized
  • Independent
  • Initiative
  • Accurate

 To apply:

  1. Please send your resume to
  2. Please note work availability
  3. It’s necessary to specify relevant experience, names and phone numbers of 2 people who can recommend you
  4. Please note salary expectations

Applications without these details will not get attention.
In addition, only relevant applications will be answered.