InnoviNet Online Marketing is a global internet marketing agency specializing in creating and sustaining long-term, high converting, internet revenue sources for brands.

We provide comprehensive internet marketing solutions and serve as your internet marketing department, usually reporting directly to the marketing or brand manager.

The solutions we offer are based on our vast knowledge and experience marketing hundreds of products and services in all kind of markets – locally and globally.

Our unique offering:

  • We act and think as your “internet marketing department”, able to take care of everything you need in the online world
  • We constantly measure ROI from each activity and media channel we work in
  • We constantly optimize (A/B test) each step of the funnel during the activity
  • All activities and content are owned by you (text, designs, links, optimization rules, source code we write, etc.)
  • We conduct thorough research (niche, market, competitors) every 3 months and write a detailed day-by-day marketing plan and schedule ahead – we also estimate the activity outcome every 3 months
  • We send detailed monthly reports about everything we did the previous month (with links), and what we plan to change and do the following month (we constantly improve)
  • All our services are backed by technology to help calculate unbiased metrics so we can constantly drive changes for better conversion rates
  • All of our services are “turnkey solutions” and have a very comprehensive nature, meaning we also take care of all the little things (domain names, signup codes, measurement pixels, etc.)
  • Each project is managed by one of our internet marketing experts who constantly provide you with business insights, consultation and relevant data

Learn more about how we work in the methodology page.