Service Level Agreement

As we’ve accumulated extensive experience in a many of types of customers in a variety of languages​​, on a variety of continents, we have developed a set of values in which we believe.

We promise our customers a certain level of service set forth below:

We believe…

  • In planning and thinking ahead
  • That customers should feel peace of mind when trusting us with the responsibility for their Internet marketing
  • That any content we produce will be of value to the target audience. We are committed to deliver high level of content
  • In choosing the designs that most convert (not the most liked by the CEO). We are committed to deliver high level of design that converts for our clients
  • That, when working in places that are not controlled by the brand (forums, blogs, comments), our work should be branded and display the client positively by adding value. We are committed to act as if we were the brand managers our selfs
  • In true and objective reporting of any results. We are committed to always report truthfully
  • In quick response to our customers
  • That a customer that better understands the marketing data, can better translate it to business operations. We are committed to help our customers understand exactly what we do
  • In providing our customers only with the services they really need
  • That the customer should trust our expertise. We are committed to provide professional advice in order to maximize conversions
  • That in internet marketing, high ROI is achieved by using proven platforms. We are committed to provide solutions that relay only on proven platforms
  • In suppliers who are good partners for long time, who help us provide better services to our clients. We are committed to choose only excellent suppliers

We work in cooperation we the following suppliers:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkdin
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Icontact
  • Rakspace
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • W3C

We work with secure cloud hosting servers and offer SSL security signed by Verisign.

We commit ourselves to act according to this values without discrimination between customers, to ensure 100% satisfaction in all we do.

If your set of values match ours, click here and read more about the solutions we offer.