By constantly testing and measuring versions, we guarantee constant improvement over time. We combine technology with internet marketing experience; A\B testing, Crowd sourcing, and much more.

For each project we need to get some basic info from you:

  • About the company
  • About the products / services
  • About the target audience
  • About the competitors
  • The goals of the activity (what outcome will make you proud of our work)
  • Other marketing efforts (specifically internet assets)
  • Key differentiators
  • Key benefits
  • Is there content we can use? (Text\Photo\Video)
  • Are there creatives we can use?
  • Etc.

We then conduct an extensive research (Niche, Target audience, Competitors) and write a 3 months (day by day) internet marketing plan and send it to you for approval. After approval we begin to execute the activity day by day as scheduled. We conduct the research and re-write the 3 month internet marketing plan each quarter.

The project is managed by one of our internet marketing experts which optimize & escort you through the entire process and makes sure the ROI keeps getting better.

  • Quarterly research and daily 3-months internet marketing plan
  • Weekly update call
  • Monthly detailed progress report & analysis call
  • Quarterly strategy alignment call
  • We measure exact ROI from each media channel
  • No long term contract – so we must deliver each month to keep your business
  • Large part of our payment is success dependent

Sounds good? Take a look at our services and see what solutions we have for you.